How-to ‘send-From’ your domain

Posted by on June 20, 2020

Go to Gmail Settings » Accounts and Import » Send mail as: » Add another email address that you own »

Name:                 Your Name
Email address:
Treat as an alias.   

Next Step »  

SMTP Server:
Port:                   465
Username :
Password:         yourpassword
Secured connection using TLS (recommended)  

Add Account »

Finally, you MUST confirm verification to complete this procedure – click link in email Gmail will send you and then click CONFIRM on webpage.

Now when you want to send-from any of your addresses in Gmail: click on Compose and adjust the From field!

How to ‘send-From’

Click on COMPOSE and a ‘New Message’ window opens with the cursor in the ‘To’ field.

Click the ‘From’ field and you should see the addresses you have previously setup to work in Gmail. Choose the one you want and compose/send your message.

How to find ‘Settings’
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is gmail-settings.jpg

Look for the ‘gear’ icon (top right in Gmail,
just underneath your name/pic)!

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