Band or Venue Starter Package



Are you in a band or run a music venue and don't yet have a website? Now's your chance to grab a bargain! We offer full website design and hosting package for the music industry.

At Web Design Newcastle we strongly support live local music and so offer a special package for bands and music venues - but now you don't have to be local to the North East of England to take advantage of this great deal.

Get your Band or Venue online for a bargain price from the makers of the original North East GigListings Music Guide.

The Band or Venue Starter Package costs £250 + £100* annual fee and includes:

  • homepage
  • contact form
  • updatable gig listings page
  • newsletter
  • photo gallery

*The annual fee covers hosting and domain renewals and can be paid annually, or monthly payments of £10

The Website Layout


The Homepage is an introduction to you and your talents. This should include a description of approximately 250 words and promotional headshot. We will also build in consistent links to the remaining pages.


Either supplied in current promotional material on Spotlight or sent by email. Web Design Newcastle will only retype this information for an additional hourly fee - for reasons of speed and accuracy we prefer text to be supplied via email in plain text.

NB: Web Design Newcastle do not take responsibility for any typing errors; while we will proof-read the site, it is the client's responsibility to send any corrections to us via email or post in the formats outlined above.

If you are unsure or inexperienced at concise descriptive writing, Web Design Newcastle offer a copywriting service on request.


Promotional photographs (1-5 per page) can illustrate you and your talents and add interest to your website. These can be either existing promotional material or supplied via email or CD in a variety of formats, which we will discuss with you as required. 

NB: Web Design Newcastle cannot take responsibility for the quality of photographs supplied by the client. If photos or brochures are supplied, we will advise the client if the images will not reproduce for web at a reasonable quality.

It is the responsibility of the client to obtain any permission required to use any photographs on their website. Copyright laws still apply to the Internet.


The contact form allows you to communicate with Casting Directors and Production Companies. It will contain the following fields: name, email address and comments. More fields can be added at mutual agreement. This information will be forwarded to your agent, or direct to your existing email account, after which it is the responsibility of the client to store this information. We can include a 'thank you' message that will be presented to the user on the webpage once their information has been successfully sent.

Internal pages

Use these to give more details and really promote yourselves to your target audience. These can contain information from your existing promotional material, or can be written and submitted by the client, containing a maximum of 5 photographs per page and 300 words per page. Please be aware that copyright laws still apply to the Internet, and it remains the responsibility of the client to obtain the required permissions, to use any images, trademarks, logos etc. on their website.

Gig listings page:
You will be able to update this page yourself to keep your gigs up to date.

You'll be able to keep your fans updated by email with your own mailing list.

Photos of band members, gigs, etc.


This is where your website is actually physically kept. It is similar to the way in which your files are stored on your own office or home computer, but on a special fast computer which can be accessed from all around the world.

NB: Although you are unlikely to be affected, please be aware that there are restrictions on the amount of storage and data transfer with any hosting agreement.