Single Page Website Solution


You (like an increasing number of small businesses) may feel that you 'should' have a website, but are not completely ready to commit valuable time, money and energy into an online presence yet. We have the perfect answer - for an affordable price you can have your own company's description and contact details on a single page website solution under your company's own domain name, with corresponding email address.

The Band or Venue Starter Package costs £250 + £100* annual fee

*The annual fee covers hosting and domain renewals and can be paid annually, or monthly payments of £10


  1. Your single page website solution could be used as a marketing brochure to save the expense of printing and mailing, giving your business better ongoing coverage than a half page advertisement in a newspaper at a fraction of the cost and won't expire at the end of the day!
  2. It is the ideal solution if you only have a single product to advertise, such as selling/renting your home or caravan, etc.
  3. A cheap way to advertise your home based business.
  4. Have your CV easily accessible to all potential employers.
  5. Or strategy requires you to have a website because your competitors have one.


  1. Your details, like an online business card, will be available 24/7 from anywhere in the world that has access to an Internet connection.
  2. Increasingly more and more people are turning to Search Engines as opposed to Yellow Pages to find what they are looking for. Having an Internet presence will help boost your chances of being found in this way. 
  3. It looks more 'professional' using a 'proper' business email address as opposed to a free Hotmail or AOL account - which usually attracts an increasing amount of spam - or the long winded email you may have been given by your Internet Service Provider.
  4. Purchasing your own domain name now will put a stop to your competitors using it.
  5. Recipients of your emails from* may look to see your online presence when they receive a message from you, and finding a single page website solution is better than turning up a '404 - page not found' error message. The same applies for having an email address on any printed literature and stationery.
  6. A single page website solution helps convey the seriousness of your business enterprise.


  1. A single page website solution will include basic contact information you'd find in a Yellow Pages advertisement.
  2. It can also include either a company logo or accompanying graphic displayed in your company's colour, thus easily identifying it as your business.
  3. We will design and host the site on reliable servers, and register the domain on your behalf.
  4. We will perform initial search engine optimisation (SEO) by submitting your new site to the top search engines and directories, based on the 'keywords' which describe your business or product, allowing potential customers to find you ahead of your competitors.


  1. The Terms and Conditions as outlined herein, should be printed out, signed and sent to the address below, together with a non-refundable retainer of £75 in advance to cover cost of domain registration and hosting (see payment options below).
  2. Email and/or post us any company literature you have, identifying custom colours, etc. (Specific fonts are sometimes chargable.)
  3. Your single page website solution could be up and running within seven days or less of receiving all the required information.
  4. On completion of your single page website solution, we must be in receipt of your first year's final payment of £75
  5. You will be billed a further £100 six months from the date of contract, then annually.

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