Who we are

Web Design Newcastle About

Web Design Newcastle was setup in the late 90s to benefit small local businesses the opportunity to get a bespoke website at a sensible price.

We can provide professional design at affordable rates.

Our experience means we understand that some websites work and some don’t – after all it’s our business to know the internet; you get the benefit of that experience without the hassle, or needing to know the jargon, leaving you free to run your business in the way YOU know best.

What we do

Web Design Newcastle About

We will arrange an initial consultation to establish your precise needs, expectations and target market, because we need to know who will be using the website, what they’ll be using it for, and what you expect to gain.

To help this process, you can fill in this detailed background form, giving us as much information as you can which will give us a head start in this process. We use this information, alongside your existing stationery and advertising to develop the look and function of your website.

For an affordable price you get on the internet. We will also set up your company email address(es) so customers and clients can contact you easily, even offering troubleshooting on setting up your email program.

Once your website is launched we continue to be on hand to make any necessary changes required to build up its profile in the Search Engines.

The annual fee is as low as ¬£100 and includes reliable hosting and ongoing domain registration.

Why use us

Web Design Newcastle About

We have been directly marketing smaller businesses specifically in the North East of England for many years. For most small businesses the internet is a fairly new and sometimes daunting place, and unfortunately there are plenty of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ web amateurs keen to take advantage of that fact by targeting SMEs – we’ve seen and often ‘repaired’ the results!

At Web Design Newcastle we’re convinced that although the budget is less, your website shouldn’t be any less professionally designed and built, and that any potential customer searching the internet will find you easily.


In our experience, the price of getting online was just too high for many companies until recently, especially as some were not convinced of the benefits. Now, most businesses are coming to the conclusion that they DO need a website to remain competitive, and the cost need not be the major consideration with our packages for small businesses.

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