How-to Configure your Email

Jul/28 By

Client Configuration Use the following recommended settings to configure your desktop e-mail application or to access Webmail. If you are using multiple devices to access the same mailbox (phone, PC and tablet

How-to backup Hotmail

Jul/10 By

How-to find Gmail’s ‘Settings’

Jun/20 By

Look for the ‘gear’ icon, top right in Gmail, just underneath your name/pic!

How-to ‘send-From’ your domain

Jun/20 By

Go to Gmail Settings » Accounts and Import » Send mail as: » Add another email address that you own » Name:                 Your

How-to setup a Signature

Jun/20 By

Go to Settings. Scroll down to Signature. There’s a dropdown box with all your account options. Choose the one you just added and insert the following example (I like to

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