How-to Configure your Email Client

Posted by on May 28, 2020

You can set up email account(s) in your email client (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows mail, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, smartphones, tablets…).

Use the following recommended settings to configure your email application or access Webmail.

If you are using multiple devices to access the same mailbox (phone, PC and tablet for instance) we recommend IMAP over POP. This will leave a copy of your messages on the server, including folder structure and sent items which are then accessible on every device and via Webmail. Please note that we do advise regularly backing up your e-mail account and archiving old messages to maintain good performance.

Please note that you will need to enable ‘SMTP Authentication’ in your mail client which can usually be enabled under the outgoing (SMTP) server settings. It should be set to ‘password’ mode and use the same details as your incoming mailserver.

Username:Your full e-mail address
Password:Supplied by WDN
Outgoing SMTP
SMTP Port:587
SMTP Authentication:On (“Use same password as incoming server” in Outlook, or for Mac Mail, iPhone and iPad devices, please use “Password” mode)
POP3 Port:995
IMAP Port:993
Webmail Address:

Frequently Asked Questions

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